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Wear Liner Mn18 Jaw Fixed Jaw Mobile Suit for Metso Nordberg C106 Jaw Crusher Spare Part06

Material : ZGMn13Cr2,ZGMn18Cr2 ,ZGMn22Cr2 .
Dimension: Standard Dimension according the original Drawings .
Package : Standard and Safety Export package .
MOQ: Total Weight of the order should more than 1 Ton .
Delivery Time : Old Pattern -within 4 weeks , New Pattern - within 6 weeks .

  • C106
  • 84749000

Wear Liner Mn18 Jaw Fixed Jaw Mobile Suit for Metso Nordberg C106 Jaw Crusher Spare Parts 

jaw plate


Part Number Type Descripition Weight Material
HT-814320037300 C100 JAW PLATE, FIXED 1403.55 XT710
HT-814320037400 C100 JAW PLATE, MOVING 1050 XT710
HT-814320042000 C125 JAW PLATE, FIXED 1300 XT710
HT-814320042100 C100 JAW PLATE, FIXED 1450 XT710
HT-814320042200 C100 JAW PLATE, MOVING 1290 XT710
HT-814320042500 C63 JAW PLATE, FIXED 410 XT710
HT-814320042600 C63 JAW PLATE, MOVING 380 XT710
HT-814320042700 C125 JAW PLATE, MOVING 1250 XT710
HT-814328501200 C125 JAW PLATE, FIXED 1150 XT710
HT-814328561400 C125 JAW PLATE, MOVING 920 XT710
HT-814328598800 C140 JAW PLATE, MOVING 1362.41 XT710
HT-814328598900 C140 JAW PLATE, FIXED 1521.3 XT710
HT-814329274900 C160 JAW PLATE, MOVING 1767.71 XT710
HT-814329275000 C160 JAW PLATE, FIXED 2227.1 XT710
HT-814329291500 C160 JAW PLATE, MOVING 2181.97 XT710
HT-814329539700 C110 JAW PLATE, FIXED 960.00 XT710
HT-814329539800 C110 JAW PLATE, FIXED 920.00 XT710
HT-814331246900 C80B JAW PLATE, MOVING 680 XT710
HT-814331247000 C80B JAW PLATE, FIXED  670 XT710
HT-814390305300 C80 JAW PLATE, FIXED 560 XT710
HT-814390305400 C80 JAW PLATE, MOVING 505 XT710
HT-814390435100 C110 JAW PLATE, FIXED 950 XT710
HT-814390435200 C110 JAW PLATE, MOVING 865 XT710
HT-814390552600 C145 JAW PLATE, FIXED 1956 XT710
HT-814390552700 C145 JAW PLATE, MOVING 1491 XT710
HT-814390736700 C80 JAW PLATE, FIXED 630 XT710
HT-814390736800 C80R JAW PLATE, MOVING 615 XT710
HT-814390844600 C160 JAW PLATE, FIXED 2629.4 XT710
HT-814391312500 C110 JAW PLATE, FIXED 2193.21 XT710
HT-814391359800 C105 JAW PLATE, FIXED 1465 XT710
HT-814391378000 C105 JAW PLATE, MOVING 1142 XT710
HT-MM0208851 C96 JAW PLATE, MOVING 754.18 XT610
HT-MM0215712 C96 JAW PLATE, FIXED 885 XT710
HT-MM0218047 C140 JAW PLATE, FIXED 3023.54 XT710
HT-MM0218048 C140 JAW PLATE, MOVING 2747.39 XT710
HT-MM0224994 C110 JAW PLATE, FIXED, LONG 1703.10 XT710
HT-MM0224995 C110 JAW, MOVABLE, SINGLE 1581.79 XT710
HT-MM0232802 C3054 JAW PLATE, FIXED 1568.37 XT710
HT-MM0236248 C96 JAW PLATE, MOVING 900 XT710
HT-MM0247231 C116 JAW PLATE, STD CURVED 1226 XT610
HT-MM0247232 C116 JAW PLATE, STD STRAIGHT 1305 XT610
HT-MM0249086 C106 JAW PLATE, FIXED 1108.34 XT710
HT-MM0249087 C106 JAW PLATE, MOVING 1036.58 XT710
HT-MM0257640 C3054 JAW, MOVABLE 1755.69 XT710
HT-MM0260417 C96 JAW PLATE, FIXED 824.55 XT610
HT-MM0268262 C106 JAW PLATE, FIXED 1080.67 XT710
HT-MM0268263 C106 JAW PLATE, MOVING 1015.9 XT710
HT-MM0273923 C106 JAW PLATE, FIXED 1108.34 XT610
HT-MM0273924 C106 JAW PLATE, MOVING 1036.58 XT610
HT-MM0273925 C106 JAW PLATE, FIXED 1249.12 XT710
HT-MM0273926 C106 JAW PLATE, MOVING 1184.03 XT710
HT-MM0274302 C116 JAW PLATE, STD CURVED 1366.76 XT610
HT-MM0274302 C116 JAW PLATE 1366.76 XT610
HT-MM0274303 C116 JAW PLATE, STD STRAIGHT 1296.85 XT610
HT-MM0274303 C116 JAW PLATE 1296.85 XT610
HT-MM0301729 C106 JAW PLATE, FIXED 1108.34 XT710
HT-MM0301730 C106 JAW PLATE, MOVING 1036.58 XT710
HT-N11954353 C125 JAW PLATE, MOVING 2355.21 XT710

Hyton produce High manganese casting liners mainly include Mantle, Bowl Liner, Feed Cone , jaw plate, check plate, Arm Liner , Steel Ball ,and etc.Hyton's casting wear parts can suit lots of word famous crushing equipment brand suach as : Metso,Sandvik,Telsmith,Terex ,Symons ,Trio ,Kleeman ,Extec and etc.


Cone Crusher Model :
Metso: GP100 •GP200 •GP300• GP500 •GP11F• GP220 •GP550 •GP100S• GP200S• GP300S • GP500S
Metso:HP100 •HP200 •HP300 •HP400 •HP500 •HP700 •HP800 •HP4 •HP5• HP6• MP800 MP1000• MP1250
Sandvik:CH420• CH430 •CH440 •CH660• CH870 •CH880 C•S420 •CS430• CS440• CS660

Symons:2ft • 3ft • 4ft• 4 1/4f• 5 1/2ft•7ft耐磨件详情页2Terex:C-1540 C-1540R C-1545 C-1545P C-1550 C-1550P C-1554
Telsmith:T300 T400 T500 T900
Trio:TP260 TP350 TP450 TP600 TP900

Gyratory Crusher Model :

Metso :42-65 • 50-65 • 54-75 • 62-75 • 60-89 • 60-110
Sandvik: CG650 •CG820 •CG840 •CG850 •CG880

Jaw Crusher Model :
Metso:  C63 •C80• C95• C96• C100 •C110• C125 •C140 •C145 •C160 •C200
Sandvik: CJ408 •CJ409 •CJ411 •CJ412 •CJ612 •CJ612• CJ613• CJ615 •CJ815
Sandvik: JM806• JM907 •JM1108• JM1206• JM1208 •JM1211 •JM1312• JM1511 • JM1513
Terex: J-1170 •J-1175 •J-1170AS •J-1160 •J-960 •J-1480Telsmith: H2238• H2550• H3244• H3450
Trio : CT1030• CT1040 •CT1048 •CT1252• CT2036• CT2436• CT3042• CT3254 •CT3254B •CT3648• CT4254 •CT4763 •CT6080

High Manganese parts are available in 14% Standard, 18% Premium, and 22% High alloys

Material Application Properties

Hardest Material
Mid Abrasive Material

Highest Impact Resistance Low Abrasion Resistance


Harder  Material
MEDIUM Abrasive Material

High Impact Resistance
Better Abrasion Resistance than 14%
ZGMn22Cr2 Harder  Material
Most Abrasive Material
Less Impact Resistance Abrasion Better Abrasion Resistance than 18%

Casting Process:V -Process ,Sand Casting, LFC Casting
Suitable Materials:Pebbles, Granites, Basalt, Iron Ore, Limestone, Quartzite, Diabase, Iron Ore, Gold Ore, Copper Ore, etc.
Applications : sand and gravel yard, concrete mixing plant, dry mortar, power plant , quartz sand, etc.

Main Features :  
1.20 years experience ,High wear~resistance feature,Long life time.
2.Production capability: 20000 tons Per year .
3.Certified by ISO system certification .
4. Large amount of stock for customer with competitive price.
5. OEM service available. 


Hyton's Guarantee to all of our customers :   

  • All of the castings finish must go along with the Metal Inspection and Dimension Inspection .

  • Hyton will always have the responsibility of all the products from hyton in the market , will service a "24+3"service rules (After get the request  from customer , The after-service department of hyton myst supply the feedback solution within 24 hours ,and must get Consistent scheme amd solve the promblem within 3 days .

  • Hyton have a professional after-service team can promise service all over the world ,service including the Installation Guide ,Measurement at site  ,Inspection and etc .






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